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SIPCO MLS - A diverse firm with a global reach

Since 1984 SIPCO|MLS is an electromechanical systems developer and integrator with a focus in power transmission. Based in south of Houston, Texas in Webster, SIPCO|MLS has developed extensive engineering, manufacturing and testing resources, that allow for our firm's ability to think outside the box when solving our customer's most complex electromechanical challenges. Our range of products includes the following gearboxes and configurations; Planetary, Worm Gearboxes, Parallel Shaft, Right Angle, and Spiral Bevel, as well as Helical and Herringbone open Gears.

A diverse firm with global reach, SIPCO|MLS's supply chain, comprised largely of European electromechanical component suppliers, has been a key strategic element in our success. Adopting a philosophy conducive to developing partnerships rather than traditional supplier/customer relationships, these partnerships allow for an open, effective working relationship, yielding results that aim to exceed our customer's expectations.

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